Watch Slim Slater’s New Video, “Robin Hood”

Recording artist Slim Slater is a promising Cleveland-bred star that has been creating a strong fanbase from himself in Ohio and gearing up to take his act nationwide with the release of his upcoming mixtape, titled, ‘Tiny Rick’. Today, we get the first offering from the mixtape with the release of the music video, “Robin Hood”.

“Robin Hood” is produced by the talented composers Believe and Sun Amarri. In the video, Slim is a modern day People’s Champion as a Hacking Stock Broker. Configuring data and helping clients make some serious dough, Slim Slater is making a lot of the less fortunate rich. While hacking, Slim is sweet talking the mysterious leading lady for a sweet rendezvous set for the late-night special.

“Robin Hood” follow suite in a solid resume of hits for the Cleveland up-and-coming also known for his songs, “Airports” and “Love No More”. Slim Slater’s next project, ‘Tiny Rick’ is slated for a coming soon 2018 release.

Watch Slim Slater’s new video, “Robin Hood” below.

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