The Trendiest Celebrity Styles to Inspire Your Summer Wardrobe

UK fashion designer Alexa Chung (Photo Credit: Denim Blog)

Summer is here and we know what that means: endless outings, vacations, reunions and strolls around the neighborhood. In other words, it is the perfect season to stay outdoors. We want you to look and feel good – and what better way to do so than sporting the latest fashion trends.

Here is a list of celebrities who are incorporating the best of trends into their daily looks to inspire your summer wardrobe.


(Image Credit: Hollywood Life)

Athleisure is a recent fashion trend where people pair athletic clothing like gym shorts and yoga pants with more modern wear like blazers. Sofia Richie was seen in Los Angeles early this month wearing a pair of skin tight, high-waisted black leggings with an olive crop top that showcased her solid abs. To complete the look, she tied her hair in a messy ponytail and put on a pair of black sunglasses. You can’t get any sexier than that!

Printed Dresses

(Image Credit: Spott)

If you want to be the focal point of your photos, it’s easy to get lost in the cacophony of colors (especially at the beach). Whether you’re in a bright floral or a bold stripe, a printed dress is an easy solution to any of your Instagram woes. Take a cue from Reese Witherspoon and her gorgeous printed dresses – best accessorized with a straw bag, hat or some oversized sunnies. Nobody wants to blend in with the background, so it’s best to wear something that stands out.

Denim Cutoffs

(Image Credit: Denim Blog)

Summer is the perfect excuse to wear a pair of shorts, and denim cutoffs can provide endless options throughout the season. They can be worn with printed shirts for the ultimate vacation vibe, or can look casual when worn with a graphic tee and sneakers. Alexa Chung, who spends the majority of her summer in New York City, likes to wear her cutoffs with cute tank tops.

Straight Leg Pants

(Image Credit: Glamour)

For the longest time, skinny jeans reigned supreme. But they had to surrender their crown at some point, and what better time than summer. If you’re not really a shorts person, you generally don’t want clothes sticking to your skin in the hot weather – and neither does Blair Raughley and her white, straight leg denim jean and leopard-print crop top. These pants don’t always have to come in denim – these knit straight leg pants on Woman Within provide the same silhouette, but in cotton. You can get pants in many different colors and fabrics – it’s just a matter of preference.

Wedge Heels

(Image Credit: Yahoo)

Sienna Miller specializes in wearing all kinds of dresses with the right pair of shoes. This summer, she showed off a pair of Billie wedge sandals – one of the most talked about fashion pieces this year. Wedges are famous for being easy-to-wear (no straps or buckles), comfortable, and coming in designs that take you back to early 90’s fashion. This Eirwyn Wedge Sandal from Clarks will make you feel like you’re walking on clouds, despite the three-inch elevation.

Celebrities aren’t the only fashion icons out there. Social media influences, designers and more recently, YouTube stars are all helping to showcase the latest trends. YouTube sensation SNEWJ commonly known as Sam Newaz has 829,000 subscribers and his own fashion line No Hesi – which is for the strong and inspired. His story reminds us that anyone can be a trendsetter these days – as long as you have an eye for fashion, a penchant for style, and confidence to tell the world.

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