Art Education for All: Craft Keepers Inc’s Outreach to Low-Income Communities

Craft Keepers Inc. is a non-profit organization that is passionate about enriching the lives of students through creative learning using various art forms. Their catchphrase “where the art leaves the mark” perfectly encapsulates their mission.

Craft Keepers is dedicated to providing outreach and education to low-income and underserved communities. They believe that providing relevant tools and resources will help scholars gain a greater understanding of their core subjects. The organization connects the dots between traditional academic subjects and modern interests such as podcasting, DJing, music production, photography, gaming, and much more.

Craft Keepers’ instructional approach is unique and engaging, making curriculum typically received as unappealing exciting for scholars. The instructional team follows a regularly assessed established curriculum to ensure a high-quality learning experience for all. They also provide teachers with interactive tools to fortify lessons, creating positive relationships to help foster minds for the future and unify communities.

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