Black Skywalker Drops Anticipated ‘I Need Therapy’ EP

Black Skywalker, the rising artist with an undeniable buzz, drops his debut EP, I Need Therapy.

The new project promises to usher in the new era of hip-hop. “Rap music is in a dark place and I came to bring the light,” said Skywalker. “The type of music I make is best described as Outer Space Jedi-level rap shit.”

Black Skywalker and Chris Rosa produced the debut EP featuring the focus track “Pills and Alcohol”. The single describes a man battling depression and anxiety with prescription medicine and champagne.

The EP includes hard-hitting 808s, crackling snares, and spacey synths. “We in Love” is a melodic record with a bouncy bass and drums. However, the lyrics depict a flawed relationship due to social media and porn addiction.

Black Skywalker’s ‘Pain of Letting Go’ has huge production and raw guitar. The lyrics express deep emotion and heartbreak, making the EP’s inspiration very clear.

“Therapy” is a song that touches on the struggles of life and the importance of seeking help. The production is interesting, with dark verses and uplifting hooks. The second verse highlights the benefits of opening up to a therapist and encourages others to do the same.

“Slide with Me” is a standout track from the EP with great production and an infectious hook. It narrates the story of falling in love with the woman of your dreams and has an upbeat vibe that sets it apart from the rest of the EP.

EP delivers a relatable conversation, amazing production, and intentional songwriting. Black Skywalker calls it outer space Jedi-level rap music.

Check out the full EP below.

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