Navigating Life & Loss: Spotlight On Kimberli Gross and Celebrate Still, Inc.

In a world often shrouded in silence and stigma surrounding grief, Kimberli Gross emerges as a lightship of empathy and understanding. Through her nonprofit organization, Celebrate Still, Inc., she guides individuals on the journey to rediscover a new normal after experiencing profound loss. With a deeply personal connection to the cause stemming from her own loss of her mother in 2004, Kimberli’s mission is not only to provide assistance but to cultivate a supportive community and normalize the process of grieving. Her educational background in Organizational Management and Human Services Counseling, coupled with her personal experiences and military service, equip Kimberli with a unique perspective on resilience and the human spirit.

As a proud mother and native of Baltimore, Maryland, she understands the diverse challenges individuals may face and is committed to offering a compassionate hand to those in need. Through Celebrate Still, Inc., Kimberli Gross strives to remove the stigma surrounding therapy, promote the importance of seeking help, and provide a safe space for individuals to navigate through their grief. Her journey from loss to empowerment serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals alike, reminding us all of the transformative power of compassion, community, and resilience.

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