From Chaos to Music: Low2thekey’s Inspiring Journey

Low2thekey, also known as Steven, is an up-and-coming artist who hails from the west side of Compton. He is known for his freestyle abilities and his music that is both captivating and energetic. While he is a part of the crips, he emphasizes that his true family is determined by loyalty and not blood relations.

One of the driving forces behind Low2thekey’s music is his son, Brandon, who was born with heart problems and autism. His son’s struggle for life was a major challenge that Low2thekey overcame. He is determined to give back to his people through his music, which is aimed at creating a feel-good vibe that gets people moving.

Low2thekey’s music is inspired by many artists from different genres, but he is particularly inspired by OGcuicide and Bebo from Pedro, who he regards as his mentor and brother, respectively. Low2thekey’s process for making music involves a lot of freestyling, which he records when he is in the right mood.

Low2thekey is constantly working on new music, and he recently released several songs, including Perccy featuring Kujo the Savage, Rollout featuring Dreah, Scriptures featuring Sir Yg Nogood, and Words I Speak with his friend Vince. He has a new EP with Itsrappa in the works, which he promises will be “crazy.”

Despite his past, Low2thekey is a very down-to-earth person who tries to stay away from negativity. He loves traveling and gambling in Vegas, and he also enjoys spending time in nature to find peace of mind. Low2thekey is a kind and respectful person who believes in getting even instead of getting mad.


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