Texas Bodybuilder Ironfiend Is Putting His Health First

Hailing from Paris, Texas, professional bodybuilder Ironfiend is focused and ready to take his game to the next level. Working daily at his craft, he’s made his health a lifestyle priority as well as a key part to his success. With competition ramping up, there’s no limit to whew Ironfiend can take it.
An athlete from the start, Ironfiend was destined for a future in sports no matter how things played out. He grew up playing basketball, and eventually lent his talents to track and powerlifting. As a track star Ironfiend was successful, gaining high acclaim and even D-1 scholarship offers. Still, he knew his life was going in a different direction and decided to put his full attention to bodybuilding. Now a full time gym rat, Ironfiend spends his time training, stretching, and preparing his body to be the best it can be. He works daily, eager to reach the next level in his athletic journey
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