Florida Based Artist Aric Davis-Baer Is Ready For The World

The young singer and entertainer Aric Davis-Baer is turning heads from the south to the Midwest and everywhere in between with his dynamic vocals and captivating personality. He’s been singing for fun since he was a toddler, learning with his family and spreading his gift only at home until Now headed into his teenage years, he’s ready for the world to know about his talent.

Born in Madison, Wisconsin, Aric Davis-Baer moved to Florida with his parents as a young kid. He developed a talent for singing while spending time with his mother in the car, realizing that his voice sounded distinct and made people happy. Influenced by Stevie Wonder, he hopes one day to inspire others with his voice and his journey. Now thirteen years old and spending his days hanging with friends & family, Aric works daily on his vocal skills. He hopes that his hard work will make him a better singer and overall better person as he gets closer to his dreams.

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