Check Out DJ Schemes On Tequila Talks

Watch an entertaining conversation between Shade 45 and 93.9Wkys disk jockey, DJ Schemes, engaging in a dope conversation with Rory & Mal cosigned podcast Tequila Talk starring Walt and Jasmine. It’s full of laughs and good vibes that gives perspective on the budding DJ and producer star that schemes is.

Schemes charisma and good feel personality is on full display with this iteration of Tequila Talks.

Some of the topics are below.

• Walt & Jas Friend Date Recap

• DJ Schemes Speaks His Early Life

• Going To College In West Virginia

• Speaks On Being A Premiere Dj The DC Area

• Sex In DJ Booths?

• Weirdest Things You’ve Seen In Clubs

• Have You Ever Been Kicked Out Of A Place?

• Top Shelf / Bottom Shelf by Jas Cooper

• A Crazy Love Triangle Story!

Watch below:

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