International Model Karen Bassily Describes the Impact of Staying Dedicated

Karen Bassily, a published model from Cairo, is well on her way to a successful career in modeling and acting. After putting in the footwork for the last five years, she is reaping the fruit of her hard work and dedication. In the beginning, she collaborated with local photographers and posed in front of the camera as much as possible. At that stage of her career, she recommends that others starting out remain dedicated through the ups and downs and keep their confidence and self-esteem high. This has been the key to her success as she now celebrates multiple magazine publications and stars in an Arabic music video as the lead model.
Currently, Karen lives in California, which is another success she celebrates. She moved from Egypt not knowing the language and can now speak Arabic, French, English, and Spanish. Karen is the definition of self-made and continues to be an inspiration for women to become business moguls and continue pursuing their dreams.  

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