Don’t Panic Just Yet… Instagram “Outage” Is Worldwide Phenomenon on July 3, 2019

By: Aaron C. Williams

Instagram users across the globe reported glitches in the days leading up to 4th of July. (captured by

If you woke up wondering what on Earth was happening with your Instagram app… you’re not alone. According to a recent BBC News article, these glitches have also struck Facebook, WhatsApp, and even Twitter. did a good job of depicting what kinds of problems users were experiencing, with Instagram reports sky-rocketing into the tens of thousands. ‘News Feed’ issues made up for a little over 90% of the complaints issued, with other users saying their ‘Stories’ wouldn’t upload either. This extended over into Instagram messages as well.

Facebook, which owns all three apps, said it was aware of the issue and was ‘working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible.’

The #instagramdown hashtag quickly began trending on Twitter. Instagram posted the following Tweet in response:

According to, another unfortunate byproduct of the phenomenon was that some users got an inside look at Instagram’s ‘facial recognition’ technology:

Many people posted screenshots showing how the glitchy site displayed its best guess at what a photo might contain, and results were eerie to say the least… For some, Instagram would load, but the images would not. In a handful of cases, the empty spots where the images should have been showed descriptions of the pictures.

One Twitter user named ‘Julie’ noted:

Instagram is down again, but when I opened my profile on my computer it showed descriptions of the photos on my feed? And they were all accurate?

You can keep up with’s live outage map HERE.

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