Detroit Based Duo Cesare & Mangino Deliver Joint Album “Pittura Case”

Detroit based rappers Cesare & Magino deliver their tenacious new joint album, “Pittura Case”. The Michigan duo has been working close knit for years, and has culminated their time collaborating into a 11-track lyrical attack from both emcees. With a video for their track “Made Man” dropping on June 17th, Cesare & Mangino are in full gear with pushing “Pittura Case” to the masses.
Cesare grew up with many music influences in his childhood. His constant references to Italian culture are just a testament to his upbringing, becoming a reoccurring theme in his music. This made him and Detroit artist Mangino an obviously great pairing, as Mangino’s own music is fitting for a mafia-esque lifestyle soundtrack. The two blend together perfectly on their new tape “Pittura Case”, where they trade bars filled with heavy bravado and gangster movie mentions. The single “Made Man” is perhaps one of their best lyrical displays on the project, as Cesare and Mangino put their wordplay and showmanship in the driver’s seat. With heavy buzz surrounding the new project, the Detroit rappers might just coin “mob rap” into it’s own self sustaining subgenre.
Listen to “Pittura Case” on Spotify below and follow Cesare & Mangino for updates on new music from the Detroit based collaborators.

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