Cris Cawley has taken the publishing industry by storm

Cris Cawley is an award-winning entrepreneur, book publisher, and marketing consultant who has quickly risen to the top of the publishing industry as the CEO of Game Changer Publishing. As a boutique publisher, Cawley specializes in helping entrepreneurs looking to scale their business and get more clients, with a best selling book.

“Impact, influence and income,” says Cawley is the rallying call for Game Changer Publishing. “We are on a mission to help entrepreneurs across the globe publish best-selling books that drive readers and potential clients to their back-end offers so that they can scale their businesses quickly.”

Cawley has always possessed an entrepreneurial spirit building businesses in real estate and marketing, but began her current love affair with publishing in the early 2000s after collaborating on a TV infomercial with multiple-time New York Times best-selling author, entrepreneur, and investor Dean Graziosi. Since that one infomercial, Cawley’s consulting, services and progams have now served more than150,000 clients.

“Our global mission is to help 500,000 entrepreneurs and authors gain more impact, influence, and income in their business over the next five years,” says Cawley.

“From the NBA to the business world, I’ve been coached by the best in the world,” says Former NBA player and Cawley client Joe Courtney. “Cris Cawley is the coach’s coach. Her knowledge and focus on results attract clients who want to operate on a high level. Cris Cawley is 100% the best there is in the business!”




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