Demarray DGreat, San Diego representative creating his lane

Demarray D Great, a rapper from San Diego, learned at an early age how to legitimately make something of himself and is the definition of self-made. Growing up with no parental advisory, Demarray found himself homeless as a teen and this launched his now successful clothing brand—Banechi. While he was washing his clothes in a sink, he accidentally spilled bleach on his clothes—making them an instant hit at his school. He was inspired by creative luck and started using kool-aid, adding rhinestones, and an airbrush machine to make custom clothing. To this day, his clothing brand is in high demand with collections quickly selling out. 

Demarray approaches his music career with a business-minded approach and is a natural creative visionary and entrepreneur. Not only is he recording catchy singles with eye-catching visuals, but he also creates marketing strategies to ensure his success. “BIG DAWG” and “DO SOMETHING” are a couple of his most popular tracks and he plans on continuing to drop singles in the future. It is clear Demarray D Great is on track to becoming a successful artist and all-around business mogul.

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