What do you get when you cross beauty with inspiration and ingenuity? Sondra Latrese Dentmond, aka Queen Latrese. Motivated by fashion and beauty, in 2019 Queen Latrese decided to start selling some of her wigs out of a small location in East Lansing. The wigs immediately flew off the shelves. Inspired, she decided to order in bulk and those wigs sold with the same expediency as the others. She decided to save a little money and open a store in which she called Queen Latrese Hair and Bundle Factory. Within 6 months she had cleared a quarter million in sales!

Fast forward to today, Queen Latrese now has 3 different stores in different cities that are all booming. Her goal is to have a store in 10 different states that are operating with the same capacity as her lead store in Michigan. Although there has been ups and downs she has been victorious through them all. Her immediate goals are to be on Oprah and do collaborations with Megan Thee Stallion.

When it comes to women in entrepreneurship Queen Latrese definitely has taken the game by storm. If you see a Queen Latrese Hair and Bundle Factory, be sure to stop in and show some love.

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