Tastemade Announces New Original Series Big Appetite Hosted By Ben Hundreds

Modern media company Tastemade, Family Style Fest, and The Hundreds announce the production commencement of their new original series, Big Appetite, the first-ever television series hosted by streetwear pioneer, Ben Hundreds. The show will bring viewers on a curated tour of Hundreds’ favorite towns in America for a unique look at the intersection of food and art.

Co-produced by Tastemade and Family Style Fest, the series brings together the best of Tastemade’s lifestyle content by exploring the convergence of food, design, and culture in three of the most iconic cities in the world, all curated by Ben Hundreds. The series will premiere in summer 2022 on the Tastemade streaming network. On Big Appetite, Hundreds will hang with chefs, restaurateurs, culture icons, and a fun mix of artists to taste beautifully crafted dishes while highlighting three artistically designed eating experiences in Boston, Los Angeles, and New York City. Each episode will highlight a curated selection of Hundred’s favorite galleries, fresh shopping spots, quick-hit eats, and other specially selected stops for the viewer at home to experience the city through his eyes and personal taste.

“We’re big fans of Ben and the brand that he and the team at The Hundreds have built over the last two decades,” says Jay Holzer, Head of Programming, Tastemade Streaming Network.

“We’re excited to bring that same style and sensibilities to our network in a one-of-a-kind food show that’s about more than just what’s on the plate.”

“Two of my favorite things in the world are food and art, and being able to showcase them together through this new platform is a dream come true,” says Ben Hundreds.

“I’m excited to join forces with Tastemade to bring this vision to life to streaming audiences everywhere.”

“Family Style is known for our cross-culture collaborations, and bringing the worlds of food and art together; we’re excited about being able to bring that to life in a new and unique way with Big Appetite, says Miles Canares, Co-Founder, Family Style Fest.

“Our goal for the show is to have viewers appreciate just how much art and design play pivotal roles in their overall culinary experience.”

Ben Hundreds will executive produce along with Tastemade’s Darin Bresnitz, Family Style Festival’s Miles Canares, and The Hundred’s Bobby Hundreds. Jan Lashly will serve as the producer, Tiffany McNeil as the creative director, and Chris Low as director of photography, with Bam & Rion Barcena overseeing the graphics. The series is showrun and directed by Mary Agnes.

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