Muzik is a name to remember when it comes to making fantastic music

Muzik aka ACM is an artist proudly following in the footsteps of Rappin’ Grammy, her grandmother. She grew up watching her Grandma perform on Arsenio Hall, America’s Got Talent, and booking TV commercials. After the death of her beloved Grandmother, Muzik found it hard to keep going but she continued to find her drive and make her ancestor proud. Inspired by her passion and zest for life, Muzik took to rapping and making a name for herself. She likens her hard work and expansive business mind to artists such as Bia and Flo Mili. She’s also influenced by her hometown of South Central LA and the talented wordsmith also writes of her lived experiences. ACM has taken care of herself since only 16 years of age and finds her journey to be something that only fuels her passion for life. The self-reflective artist asks herself every day who she wants to be in this world and what mark she wants to leave.

Currently, she is working diligently in the studio and deciding on releasing singles or a body of work. One song she is excited to release is entitled “Savage” but the artist is smart in how she releases music, making a plan for it, and truly showing her boss qualities. Her fans are ready for Muzik to release an album and the artist focuses more on fans than any negativity towards her music. Her advice to anybody wanting to do music is to ignore those who have unnecessary hate towards their creativity and know that it is part of the game. The inspiring artist has goals of stardom, modeling for popular clothing brands, owning real estate, and finding financial freedom. Make sure you check out Muzik below

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