Mike Dynasty Making a name for his self in music

Mike Rodriguez, better known as Mike Dynasty, hails from Southern California and can be found on any given night rocking large crowds to energetic records. Most surprisingly, some of those records are his own! Rodriguez is a multi-talented DJ who can hop off of the turntables and start flowing on the mic. This type of versatility is not found often, especially in Trap music, and sets him apart from the rest. Dynasty is truly one to do it all and can boast Producer credits and songwriting on top of his other musical talents. His album Stay Lit was released in 2019 and he has been dropping popular singles since then including “Rich” and “Get Low”. If he’s not performing original music, he’s DJing alongside national acts such as Snoop Dogg, Lil Jon, Compton AV, Slim 400, RJ, Post Malone, to name a few.

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