Musician’s Review Musician’s With Artist Republik’s Official launch of ‘Elite Reviews’

Leading Industry disruptor & decentralized management platform Artist Republik announces the release of its new one of a kind artist to artist feature Elite Reviews. CEO & Founder Nick Cianfaglione has teamed up with Adecco’s Strategic Program Manager Josh Wright to launch a product that delivers direct, objective feedback about the artists music from established acts all over the world. Having been praised as a ‘go-to hub’ for independent artists, Artist Republik continues to develop new offerings that make it easy for musicians to fulfill all of their management needs on one easy platform. Their upcoming Elite Reviews feature is unique in that the product delivers direct, objective feedback about the artists music from established acts all over the world. Similar to platforms like Cameo, Elite Reviews operates via a ‘name your price’ model. Artist Republik has invited several notable acts onto the platform to deliver experienced music reviews including high tier Hip Hop acts like Hopsin, YONAS & Sammy Adams as well as Nickelodeon’s Kira Kosarin, Taking Back Sunday’s Fred Masherino, Emmy award winning singer-songwriter Alex Preston, Jez Dior and many more.

The early December launch comes quick off the heels of the announcement of Artist Republik’s highly anticipated music distribution service. The company paired the announcement alongside their newly inked partnership deal with digital audio workstation Soundbridge. The deal, which enabled over 200k monthly SoundBridge users enabled integrated distribution through Artist Republik’s platform, received high praises from All Access, EDM Insiders as well as an upcoming in depth interview with the Founder to CEO podcast. Having previously received attention from Forbes to announce rapper Hopsin’s joining their board of directors, it’s clear that all eyes are on industry disruptors like Artist Republik right now.

Artist Republik broke the mold this year with its debut of a new indie music business marketplace valued at over $5M and counting. Its simple yet pioneering tech-driven premise caught the eyes of major industry players like independent rapper Hopsin as well as top investors David Beirne (a founding general partner of Benchmark Capital, known for lead stakes in eBay, Twitter, Instagram, OpenTable and Juniper Networks) and respected pro-sports and Hollywood wealth advisor Humble Lukanga. CEO and Founder of Artist Republik Nick Cianfaglione chose to introduce the new talent-controlled platform to return career control and expenses back to the artist.

Their 30,000 users are committed to this platform because of its all-inclusive offerings. Its one-stop shop format makes it easy for the artist to navigate their needs while keeping everything, including distribution, all in one place. Cianfaglione plans to widen the opportunity funnel by enabling self-represented music talent and industry stakeholders to sidestep controlling agents, gatekeepers and management when it is not necessary. Its value proposition for the burgeoning $2B global indie music industry (Raine Group Forecast, Rolling Stone, March 16,2020) transforms how performers, musicians, technicians, producers and venues support vendors by creating direct business connections, spending less on marketing, and by retaining more revenue. “The indie music industry needed its own ‘LinkedIn meets ASCAP’ social community to affordably bring talent together to make deals.” explains Founder Nick Cianfaglione, “Artist Republik accelerates this business building by dismantling industry conventions that bottlenecked careers.” According to Cianfaglione, his company’s beta enrollment of 30,000 users worldwide is proof that music self-distributors and boutique music labels were missing a dedicated marketplace hub.

Artist Republik is free to join and allows users to use all of the resources they need in areas such as production, distribution, marketing, live shows and more.





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