Hip Hop Artist Austin Fillmore Collaborates with Miami Producer Remy Prosper in “U Lie I Cry”

We all have our coping techniques to deal with heartbreak after a relationship goes south. Hip-Pop artist Austin Fillmore copes by freestyling his feelings into his new heartbreak anthem, “U Lie I Cry.” Fillmore teamed up with producer Remy Prosper in the new single to create an atmosphere the listener can’t help but vibe to at home. As his emotions release over 808s, Fillmore expresses his genuine pain and frustration with love.

“The only way I knew how to deal with the pain of this break up was to write about it…but when I sat to actually write the song, I couldn’t do it for some reason. So I poured me a glass of tequila and told my engineer press record and I’m just gonna freestyle this,” Fillmore said. 

Just like a break-up, the beat hits you heavy from the start. The ethereal feel of Remy’s production creates an uplifting anthem to help shed the blues. “In these troubling times, I feel like that type of vibe is needed even if it’s only coming from a sonic perspective,” Remy said. Fillmore takes pride in differentiating himself from other artists and that is uniquely reflected in his catalog’s wide range of sound. Against the idea of hyper-masculinity, he created the movement #ThinkLessFeelMore to urge his fans to submit to their emotions and to feel everything they need to feel. “U Lie I Cry” bodes well for his movement as he succumbs to emotional pain and introspection.

Accompanying the single comes their captivating visual, filmed inside a Chicago home. Each scene captures the turbulent journey of a relationship that eventually went sour. The video details the red flags, beginning when the girlfriend notices another woman calling his phone. After the opening scene, the video slides into reverse, detailing the many arguments that ultimately lead to their heartbreak. Fillmore effortlessly displays a relatable relationship to his listeners by saying, “We all lie, we all cry…this song is about us.” After much success in 2020, Austin Fillmore and Remy Prosper choose to kick the year off with their heartbreak anthem to accompany our shared mid-winter gloom.


Austin Fillmore was raised in Chicago, IL. While spending time between the West Side and the Suburbs, he discovered rapping in 7th grade. He decided to call his stage persona “Austin Fillmore” in homage to those first cross-streets of his debut Chicago apartment. He continues to urge his fans to get to know him and his consistent flow of behind the scenes footage, on-stage performances and daily social media stories that keep the masses on the edge of their seats. As seen in A Taste of, Lyrical Lemonade, Elevator as well as Chicago’s Kiss FM, Austin has earned his rank in the industry. He has recently graced some of the biggest stages in the Midwest, including North Coast Music Festival and countless other local staples! His performance on Chicago’s #1 Morning Show “The Jam” has once again marked Austin as a star on the rise in Chicago and beyond.


Remy Prosper is a Haitian-American producer/composer and songwriter from Miami, Florida. He credit’s his battle with anxiety at an early age in what ultimately led him towards his musical and artistic discovery. From classical baroque music to Quincy Jones and The Beatles, Remy’s musical background has always been eclectic. His sound blends diverse music styles while creating original sonic elements. Remy has worked with numerous independent artists ranging from hip-hop, pop and r&b, all the way to the Latin and French markets. Remy prides himself on being able to produce and compose for any music style. It is this ability that landed him music placements on hit shows such as Netflix’s “Grand Army” and the CW’s “Black Lightning”.

Watch the official music video for “U Lie I Cry” here.

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