Riverside D.A. Investigator Paul Libassi, History Of Excessive Force Resulting In The Death Of 16 Year Old

Now employed as a Riverside District Attorney Investigator … Raising the question, was Riverside County unaware of his use of excessive force, and aggressiveness as a San Diego police officer, that led to the death of 16 year old Hampton? Was THAT even considered before granting him this position?  With ZERO to minimal reprimand, the question remains… Does Libassi continue to carry that same threatening, aggressive “knee on your neck” mentality to work everyday as a District Attorney like he once did as a police officer? Frightening reality. Especially for the hundreds of people currently with cases that have come across the Riverside D.A.’s desk, and Paul Libassi is assigned as investigator?  Does not sit well with me. And it shouldn’t with the families of those incarceated or on bail awaiting trial.

As for the Hampton family, they will never get their son back, but did prevail in the civil suite they filed against the County of San Diego. Criminal charges are rarely pursued against our law enforcement, even when its caught on tape. Due to recent protests regarding the death of George Floyd, the officers responsible for his death are currently in jail, facing murder charges. Paul Libassi is one of many current and former law enforcement officers that committed the unthinkable effortlessly, claiming they were doing their job within guidelines, and ruled justified, and placed on administrative duty… or EVEN WORSE, become a Riverside D,A, investigator, assisting with possible convicting  innocent people, or in some way receiving unfair treatment.

Let’s open the eyes and ears of our justice system. The fact that Libassi is employed to assist ANY D.A. in ANY county, with his history, again only promises unfair treatment.

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