Valentine's Day First Listen

One West Magazine received an early Valentine’s Day delivery this morning and it’s put a nice vibe in our studio! We have a brand new duet group, GIO & ANGELES; first-timers to One West. We think that they’re just sweet and adorable with their new song, ‘FOREVER’.  They seem to be somewhat of a mystery, as we don’t have a lot of information on them to date; only what’s below. They’re a beautiful looking pair and the song is too!  This single is perfect for this Valentine’s Day and a definite  ‘PLAYLIST ADD’. We thought you might enjoy it too. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Each generation falls in love with love especially when there’s music to add to playlists for romantic moments. Each decade has a duet group reminiscent to Marvin & Tammy, Sonny & Cher, Stevie & Tom, Jordan Sparks & Chris Brown that just create the right chemistry, on collaborative hits. Newcomers, GIO & ANGELES add their names and new single ‘FOREVER’ to the millennial generation, of classic duos.

‘FOREVER’ appeals to Gen-X and Boomers as well! The song’s timeless innocence arouses memories of the first kiss, first love, heartbreak, and trust. Gio & Angeles’s charming vocal partnership on the track captivates why we love sing-along, duet songs. This is a feel-good song. ‘FOREVER’ is RADIO READY for Top 40/Pop, Rhythmic, Latin Pop, and R&B formats.

Listen below to the full-length track.

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