Cam Carter: Move Over, I Got Next

Over the past decade, Memphis Hip-Hop has reemerged at the top of the genre thanks to its attraction of independent hustle and gritty, funky, signature southern style. Birthing some of today’s biggest entertainers, Yo Gotti, Young Dolph, Juicy J, Moneybagg Yo, and Justin Timberlake. Ready to stand alongside the greats with a signature sound of his own is emerging new talent Cam Carter.

Discovering his passion for Hip-Hop at an early age through his infatuation of an array of Hip-Hop legends both local and regional including Three 6 Mafia, Lil Wayne, Nas, and the late-Tupac Shakur. At 13, Carter honed his skills through poetry, turning play on words into concepts, verses, and song arrangement.

Following High School, Carter went on to graduate from Ole Miss, all the while continuing to develop his lyrical abilities as an underground MC under the monikers “Half Pint” and “Milk Money”. Earning credibility venturing into the various parts of the crime-infested inner-city to compete with the best of the best. Establishing an essential reputation with co-signs from many of Memphis’ decorated local stars like 8ball & MJG, Gangsta Blac, Frayser Boy, and Lil Wyte.

Carter also caught a brief wave of viral attention in 2009 following a video surfacing of the up-and-coming freestyling in Austin, Texas. However, a brief stint of shady business dealings and industry politics derailed the rising star shine for a moment. Charged it to the game, an unwavering Cam Carter decided to relocate to Los Angeles in search of more opportunities as a recording artist.

Shortly before moving to the West Coast, Carter would suffer a tragic loss in the passing of his mother Bonnie Carter. Relocating to Los Angeles with the help of his Father, Carter crafted his debut single, titled, “Knee High”. An energetic, slap-stick, braggadocious single inspired iconic summer days in L.A. filled beautiful beach women, endless drinks, and horseplay.

Stream Cam Carter single, “Knee High”, courtesy of Spotify.

A breakout hit (Knee High) that explained Carter signature sound as the “party animal”. While playful, fliratious, and comical often, Carter always reminds listeners of his formidable lyrical prowess ready to get down at a moment’s notice. Proven he is prepared to satisfy consumers of all preferences. Solidifying his undeniable star power.

At the top of 2019, Carter released his infectious follow-up, “HAHA”. Further showcasing his feel-good, practical joker persona with witty punchlines, obnoxious wordplay, and nonchalant attitude. Crafting a party atmosphere everywhere he goes,

Continuing to ride his trailblazing path, Carter has announced the coming of his highly-anticipated third single, “Pink Panther”. Arriving in the coming weeks, it been announced the new single will feature legendary Hip-Hop act and fellow Memphis-native Kingpin Skinny Pimp (“Lookin for the Chewin”). Following the release of one-shots, Carter is anticipated to release his promising full-length debut, Halo into Hell in late-2019. The debut he began recording upon his arrival in Los Angeles.

Wanna hear more Cam Carter? Check out the rising star’s complete catalog, available now via Spotify.

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