[STREAM] TDE’s Latest Signee Zacari’s New Album ‘Run Wild Run Free’

The R&B world has been shaken up lately with newcomers like Summer Walker, H.E.R., 6LACK, and more! TDE’s kept its fingers on the pulse of hip hop for the last few years and even broke a R&B superstar in SZA. TDE’s latest signee Zacari just put out his debut project ‘Run Wild Run Free’ the seven track EP has only one guest appearance which comes from Lil Yachty. 

As I took time to listen and review the album I was a bit curious to see if I was going to enjoy listening to Zacari as a stand alone act. The first two songs on the project had me strongly feeling like he was a watered down version of The Weeknd. I’m really glad this was an album review because I probably would’ve turned it off. His song “Midas Touch” really had me convinced that this project was absolutely not for me. But, as I continued listening track three “Ten Outta Ten” was pretty dope and it perked my ears just a bit. Then track four came on and I was instantly intrigued “Don’t Trip” was a relatable song that immediately grabbed me and made me be like this guy has something here. 

Closing out the project the wave that he’s on is rather unique and exuberant. I loved how he immediately turned me from doubter to full believer within seven tracks and I’ve already listen to the project several times. This is a project that I recommend everyone checking out because he’s certainly capable of becoming the next big thing. Check this album out and let us know your thoughts on the project.


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