Introducing: Iris Stryx

With a burning dedication to her art and an extensive knowledge in many aspects of the industry, Iris Stryx is ready to set the world of music ablaze with her unique sound and lyrics. Born in Nassau, Bahamas, Iris Stryx is a female hip-hop/rap artist, actress, songwriter and producer. Her devotion to music started at the age of four, when she began taking classical piano lessons. Quickly becoming the star student, Iris was pushed to pass two examinations from the Royal Schools of Music in London simultaneously each year. Due to her struggle to verbalize her thoughts, the stage was set for Iris to begin expressing herself through writing and song composition.

Iris moved to the USA as a teenager. After producing her first music video, “Will U B My,” Iris enrolled in the filmmaking program at the University of Miami where she is currently working on an MFA. Taking a break from classes, Iris has taken the stage by storm in various cities in Missouri, Georgia, Oklahoma and Texas, and of course her very own hometown Nassau, Bahamas. After starting her own film company, “Waterbear Films” she went on to produce her latest single “Island Girl” with her classmates. Set on the beautiful islands of the Bahamas, this video captures breathtaking scenes from the islands’ beaches, caves and blue holes. With a mixture of hip-hop and island rhythms, Iris Stryx is ready to take her hit song “Island Girl” from the Bahamas to the rest of the world.

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