OneWestTV Interview W/ Timothy Pleasant

Timothy Pleasant was born in Seattle Washington on September 11, 1976. When his mother decided to move her children back to Washington from Kanas City and a brief stay with family in Los Angeles, California. The family settled in the (southend) of Seattle, Washington. From the age of six years old Timothy begin to exhibit an undying passion four music. At age 9 he began writing rhymes about his personal struggles of being a child raised by a single mother, a dysfunctional family, and how he felt about the domestic violence he witnessed his mother endure.

Growing up Timothy was constantly face to face with violence. Living in a house were gang members, pimps, hustlers and drug dealers constantly frequented. At age ten Timothy was challenged with various obstacles that would not only shape his personality physiologically but would ultimately be the content of his music. With both of his brothers incarcerated for violent crimes at age 11, Timothy turned to the streets to provide for his mother and himself. Convicted of a drive-by shooting, armed robbery, delivery of a controlled substance at the age of 15 Timothy received a six year sentence in a Washington state youth authority with a guarantee bus ride to the adult prison system when he would turn 18 where he would remain until 21 years of age.

While incarcerated Timothy begin deal with the issues he would never face and find himself. He began to see that the time he was doing could actually be used to benefit himself. So he maximized every opportunity within his grasp honing in on his gift, and sharping his skills to a razor edge. Timothy started extracting pieces of his life story and rapping it to other inmates that would be waiting for him on the yard to hear what he had to say next. Another door opened when he found out that the love of his life had gave birth to their child that he wasn’t aware of before his incarceration. Now his mission was to get released to be with his woman and raise their child. Unfortunately the mother of his child was murdered Aug 25th 1995. This devastating blow would set him back emotionally, mentally and psychologically. After completing 4 1/2 years on a six year sentence he was released on parole with one of his older brothers home 6 months before him after completing a 8 year sentence.

Timothy was at a loss for what to do with all three brothers including himself actively on file with the Seattle and Los Angles gang unit devisions. He was constantly under the microscope of local authorities. With the streets still calling him back to the lifestyle Timothy decided enough is enough. He decided to fight back with his gift no matter what happened or how long it took. He would fight for his life and use his music as a platform to do so. One of his OG’S heard his music and said man you’re good I got somebody you should meet which was Greg Box who was an A&R for Virgin Records at the time. He liked Timothy and said that he would help him get signed. Unfortunately Greg passed away two months later of a stroke. Another friend Kazy D knew Timothy had what it took to make it so the two flew down to Houston ,Texas where Timothy worked alongside Baby Bash, Lil Flip, Lil Troy, Dj Chill, T-2 (Lil Troy’s son) & Happy Perez. After performing shows in Houston, Galveston, & Austin Timothy returned back to Washington where he began to work with Seattle producers and became a street team member to the Ramos Record label alongside childhood friend La tulle, Seattle’s very own Beezie 2000, Zone and Hictor Ramos earning a spot on the Romos Record compilation with the song called “TIC TOC”. The track caught the attention of twin brothers John Silva and Paul Silva of ‘HIGH POWERED ENT” which earned him a spot alongside standouts such as C-BO, E-40, KILLA TAY, SAN QUINN, MESSY MARV, B-LEGIT YUKMOUTH, The Outlaws and more. Timothy was on fire and creating a name for himself in the game and that name was “International Tangaray” after his brother Paul Jones was mudered August 26, 2004. Timothy was faced with the decision to keep going or give up. Pleasant chose to continue regardless of all the obstacles that he has faced. It’s not a question if he has something to say….the question will be what are you going to say after he say’s it?

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