Exclusive Interview With Kayla Joy By: Antoinette Ortega

Kayla Joy recently released her "Hot" single Curious Ft Hakeem Romance

January 11, 2016

AO: Who is Kayla Joy the artist?
Kayla Joy: Lyrically creative, but don’t let her sense of innocence about her fool you, her edge brings out the strength in her craft. Has a heart for reaching people all around the world through her music.

AO: How would you describe your sound and style?
Kayla Joy: I would describe my sound as unique. I have a distinct sound that separates me from the rest.

AO: Who influenced you to become a singer?
Kayla Joy: I have always loved singing since I can remember running around singing songs I would make up when I was a kid. But my dad really influenced me with music. He’s pretty talented.

AO: What was your first song you ever recorded and what was your inspiration behind it?
Kayla Joy: The first song I ever recorded was the first song I actually sat down and wrote, it was called “Every Time”. About a crush I had on this boy back then.

AO: What is the concept of “Curious” and what kind of response have you gotten from your single?
Kayla Joy: Curious is basically a song any female and male can relate to. It shows both a guy and girls perspective of meeting someone who you just can’t seem to stay away from, but are hesitant about them. It pretty much covers the thoughts, emotions, and desires anyone would feel.

It has gotten a great response! People have responded really well to it and hey, who knows, maybe a remix is in the works…I’m just saying.

AO: How can your fans get ahold of your new single “Curious”?
Kayla Joy: Right now they can visit my SoundCloud and tune in. If you submit your info on my website kaylajoymusic.com you will get exclusive updates and be the first to know when you can get your hands on “Curious”.

AO: Are you recording any new music and do you have any plans of touring or performing?
Kayla Joy: Yes! I have a few songs in the works! I am super excited about everyone hearing them! I have a few performances coming up this month here in Richmond, VA. Then a big performance coming up next month! Details coming soon about that!

AO: How can your fans learn more about you and get updates on what you will be doing next?
Kayla Joy: My website!!! Www.kaylajoymusic.com you can check me out there! See photos and videos, listen to music, bio, you can EVEN submit your info to get EXCLUSIVE updates from yours truly directly!

AO: Do you have any advice to the girls that are following in your footsteps, but lack the necessary confidence needed to succeed in this industry?
Kayla Joy: You have to know your worth and know what you deserve and go after it! Wether that’s in a career, relationship, friendship, and etc. Go after what you know you deserve and don’t settle! Don’t back down, keep faith, and remember WHY you are taking the steps you are taking. Stay classy, demand you do something to better yourself every day, PRAY, and have FAITH. Face your fears. There is nothing better than facing that fear dead on in its face and walking all over it.

AO: Any Shout-Outs and Social Media links to get in contact with you?
Kayla Joy: Shout out to my parents! For supporting me as I chase my dream! Shout out to all my fans that have supported me love you all! Shout out to Hakeem Romance for killing it on the track!

You can catch me on Facebook:Facebook
IG: @kaylajoy_sing4u
Twitter: @kaylajoymusic1

Antoinette Ortega is a Contributing Writer for One West Magazine.

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