Exclusive Interview with Tony Sunshine

Tony Sunshine is fresh off the release of his new single “Doe Girl”

One West Magazine Interview

AO: What was your experience like being mentored by the late Big Pun?

Tony Sunshine: indescribable and blessed to have been mentored by my brother.

AO: Are you currently working with any other former Terror Squad members?

Tony Sunshine: At the present moment I’m not. Concentrating on my project right now. But I got history and love for each former member and wish each of them nothing but the best.

AO: We see you brought the heat with your new single “Doe Girl” can you tell us more about this track and what qualifies a woman as a “Doe Girl”?

Tony Sunshine: I mean to me a “Doe Girl” is a woman who handles her business – an independent woman that’s got her own. All these records out today glorify men and their hustle and that’s cool, but I know a few bad females who get it!!

AO: How can your fans get a free download to your new single “Doe Girl”?

Tony Sunshine: https://soundcloud.com/iamtonysunshine/doe-girl-dirty

AO: Will you be going to on tour anytime soon? What are your next moves with promoting your single?

Tony Sunshine: doe girl is just a record I put out – I am focusing on my EP this quarter and should be out promoting it once it is complete.

AO: What makes your new single “Doe Girl” so different from what’s out there on the radio today?

Tony Sunshine: it’s biggin up females in the game. I’m not taking away or giving a dude credit for the work females put in.

AO: What is your advice to some of the guys that look up to you that wants to achieve what you have in your music career?

Tony Sunshine: don’t give up and just keep grinding – the only one who can stop you from achieving your dreams is the man in the mirror

AO: What would you like to say to all of your fans that have been rocking with you since day 1?

Tony Sunshine: Thank you and I appreciate you. Thanks for being patient with me – and I think that this EP will give my fans (day 1s and new fans) the real. The long wait will be worth it.

AO: How can your fans get connected with you and updates on all of what you are doing in 2016

Tony Sunshine: facebook and IG – iamtonysunshine ;; Twitter – tonysunshinebx

Antoinette Ortega is a Contributing Writer for Onewestmagazine.com

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