Akron Artist JaySuaveMusic Takes on Mentorship From Bobby Luv Of CPT and OHB Music Group

In a dynamic union that is set to redefine the music industry, Bobby Luv of CPT and OHB Music Group has found a budding star in young Akron artist Juston Vetter, known by his stage name Jaysuavemusic. The story of mentorship and collaboration between Bobby Luv and Jaysuavemusic is a testament to the power of recognizing talent and nurturing it to great heights.

The journey of mentorship began when Bobby Luv first discovered Juston’s exceptional talents, particularly showcased in his single “Back It Up.” Bobby Luv, captivated by Juston’s artistry, stepped into the role of a mentor, guiding him through the trials and tribulations that accompany a burgeoning music career. Their bond deepened as Bobby Luv recognized Juston’s potential and took him under his wing.

The initial connection between Bobby Luv and Juston was facilitated through a mutual acquaintance who pointed out Juston’s striking resemblance in style to the renowned artist Chris Brown. This comparison led Bobby Luv to share Juston’s tracks, including “Party Over Here” and “Back It Up,” with Chris Brown himself. Though Chris Brown declined the songs, Juston remained undeterred, continuing to hone his craft and collaborate with Bobby Luv to create new and compelling lyrics.

Bobby Luv’s credentials as an award-winning songwriter, with notable works such as “Posed to Be,” “Questions,” and the recent track “Need a Friend” from Chris Brown’s latest album, positioned him as the perfect mentor for Juston. Their partnership extends beyond music, with Bobby Luv serving as not only a mentor but also a brother figure to the young artist from Akron, Ohio.

With Bobby Luv’s mentorship and guidance, Juston is poised to break barriers in the music industry. The duo is currently collaborating on projects involving Chris Brown and Omarion, showcasing the palpable impact of mentorship and collaboration in the music world.

Bobby Luv’s track record of working with notable artists like Chris Brown, Omarion, T.I., and others, underscores his expertise and influence in the industry. As Bobby Luv imparts his writing and producing skills to Juston, the young artist is primed to make a significant impact in the music scene.

With Bobby Luv’s mentorship and Juston’s unwavering dedication and talent, the sky is the limit for the Akron artist. As they pave the way for future collaborations and groundbreaking projects, Bobby Luv and Jaysuavemusic stand as a formidable duo, ready to leave an indelible mark on the music industry.

Follow the artist on IG: @JaySuaveMusic.

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