MONSTROE takes visual storytelling to a new level with his ‘EXACTLY’ music video

In the heart of the West Coast hip-hop scene, MONSTROE is a name that resonated with authenticity and raw lyrical prowess. With each release, he etched his mark deeper into the annals of rap history. But now, with “EXACTLY,” his latest single produced by none other than “Psycho Les” of the legendary hip-hop group “the Beatnutz,” MONSTROE was ready to redefine the game once again.

The concept behind “EXACTLY” was a throwback to the golden era of hip-hop when bars were razor-sharp, and beats hit hard. The hook, “A wise man once said (pause) EXACTLY!” was a reminder that actions spoke louder than words in a world filled with hype and empty titles. Unlike his previous works, MONSTROE was delving deeper into the production aspect, working closely with Psycho Les to craft a sound that was not just head-nodding but also thought-provoking. The process was intensive, exploring different bass lines, drum patterns, and sonic textures to create the perfect canvas for MONSTROE’s lyrical masterpiece.

The inspiration behind the lyrics was the facade that many people put on in today’s world, where labels and titles often masked the reality of who they truly were. MONSTROE aimed to peel back those layers and expose the truth, reminding listeners that authenticity in hip-hop was still paramount. As the track came together, MONSTROE couldn’t help but envision his fans embracing it with open arms. This was a song designed for true hip-hop enthusiasts, those who appreciated the art of lyricism and the power of a well-crafted beat.

With the song released on all streaming platforms, MONSTROE looked ahead to what the future held. More music was in the pipeline, and he promised his fans that they should “stay tapped in” for what was to come. “EXACTLY” was just one piece of the puzzle, a significant addition to his catalog as an MC.

Check out the new single below on youtube:

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