WestCoast Gillie Sets Out On A Journey Through Music, Recovery, and Real Life Struggles

If there’s one thing that defines Westcoast Gillie, it’s his unyielding passion for music. Just a regular human who had a dream as a teen, he fell in love with music and decided he wouldn’t quit on that dream. Hailing from Gardena, CA, he’s been on this musical journey for more than 15 years. But it hasn’t been an easy road. There have been ups and downs, moments of triumph, and battles with personal demons. Still, Gillie’s determination shines through as he continues to create music that reflects real life, not just some “buushit.”

The road to where he is now wasn’t without its challenges. Gillie had to confront and conquer his addiction to opiates. Being a functioning addict for two decades, he hid his pain from many, but it was eating him alive from within. The turning point came when he saw his son’s smile while in the throes of withdrawal and pain. That was the moment he checked into rehab and finally admitted to himself that he had a problem. It was a tough journey, but Gillie found strength in faith and is now over a year clean. As he puts it, “God is Great.”

WestCoast Gillie has been on a roll, with 10 singles already released this year. But he’s not slowing down. He’s got an impressive lineup of features and collaborations on the horizon, working with the likes of Crooked I, Remble, Seddy Hendrix, and Lute, all produced by his guy Bluff Gawd. An EP called “Therapy” with production from Python P is also in the works. Gillie is all about the hustle, constantly working to improve his music and connect with his audience.

WestCoast Gillie wants his fans and anyone listening to know that he’s here to stay. He won’t give up on his dream and encourages others to do the same. Chase your passion, put in the work, and believe in yourself. His journey has been a testament to resilience and perseverance, and he’s not backing down anytime soon. WestCoast Gillie is here to stay, and with each song, he’s leaving a piece of his heart for the world to hear.


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