Chon Travis of Love Equals Death Finds Freedom Through Punk Rock

Introducing Chon Travis from the band Love Equals Death, a talented musician whose journey in music has been shaped by his upbringing and a deep passion for punk rock. Born in St. Louis, Missouri, raised in Ukiah, California, Chon’s love for music was instilled by his mother, who sang around the house and played records for her guests. His diverse musical influences, ranging from Michael Jackson to The Clash, eventually led him to punk rock when he discovered it through skateboarding in the late ’80s.

Chon’s music career began in 1992 when he formed the skate punk band Loose Change with AFI’s Jade Puget. Despite local success, the band eventually disbanded, but this setback didn’t deter Chon. In 2004, he founded Love Equals Death, and their hard work and dedication paid off when they signed with the legendary punk label Fat Wreck Chords from San Francisco.

However, life’s challenges came knocking, and the band faced a public hurdle in 2008 that shook their foundation. After a period of personal struggles, Love Equals Death went on hiatus in 2009. But in 2019, fueled by determination and his mother’s memory, Chon revived the band and played a sold-out show in his hometown on Halloween night. He describes his mom’s passing as the most challenging obstacle he has ever faced, but it also serves as a driving force to keep pursuing music and honoring her legacy.

Looking to the future, Chon Travis and Love Equals Death released a new full-length album titled “Gravity And Grace” on SBAM records last summer. The band toured Europe in support of the album and has exciting plans ahead, including a Fall tour starting on Halloween night in 2023 and a new music video for their song “Adolescent Heart” to be released in September. Moreover, fans can anticipate a new EP and a US and Brazil tour in April 2024.

Chon Travis, the frontman of Love Equals Death, is an artist driven by the freedom music offers and the memory of his beloved mother. Through his powerful melodies and empowering lyrics, he aims to connect with audiences, inspiring them to embrace mental liberation and find solace in the therapeutic essence of music. With exciting projects on the horizon, be sure to follow Chon Travis and Love Equals Death on their journey by checking out their latest album “Gravity And Grace” and connecting with them on their website and social media platforms.

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