10k Capo Is Bringing Good Vibes and Cool Frequencies to the Music Scene

Introducing himself as 10k Capo, formerly known as Geno Boss, this artist, producer, engineer, and all-around music aficionado has been making waves in the industry. Hailing from both California and Texas, 10k Capo’s musical journey began at a young age. However, it wasn’t until he moved to East Oakland that he truly dedicated himself to his craft. Collaborating with his brother Tip-Toe, they caught the attention of C-Note Records, signing a deal that propelled their careers forward.

Despite his success, 10k Capo faced tremendous personal challenges, such as the devastating loss of both his parents. Dealing with the grief was incredibly difficult, leading him to question his passion for music. However, he found solace in his studio in Compton, ultimately reigniting his love for creating music. It’s a testament to his resilience and determination that he was able to overcome such emotional hurdles and continue pursuing his dreams.

For 10k Capo, music is not just a passion; it’s ingrained in his DNA. The ability to express himself through voice and sound is a constant motivation, driving him to create memorable and impactful music. His greatest achievement thus far has been securing a major record deal, which validated his talent and provided him with a much-needed boost of confidence. However, collaborating with Snoop Dogg on a song holds a special place in his heart as an artist.

Looking ahead, 10k Capo has some exciting projects in the pipeline. He recently released his new project, “Last Nite,” a collaboration with his fellow artists Frqnzy and Jay Diamond. The project features exceptional production from Tha Matrixx, Kye Russaw, Tha Xchange, and 2Deep, setting the stage for an incredible listening experience. “Last Nite” offers the perfect soundtrack for a relaxing drive home from work or getting ready for a night out.

To stay up to date with 10k Capo’s music and ventures, be sure to check out his Instagram @10kcapo. Also, don’t miss the opportunity to listen to his latest album, “Last Nite,” available on Apple Music below:


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