Takim’s ‘Dancing To A New Groove’ Hits #1 on London Soul Chart Top 30

“This #1 with London Music Radio’s Soul Chart is a dream come true...”

TAKIM #1 – LONDON MUSIC RADIO SOUL CHART TOP 30. Other Charts Are Reporting Activity On The Single.

LONDON CALLING! AMERICAN SOUL SINGER TAKIM and his producers Preston Glass and Christian Belnaivis (of Seepin Ventures) are celebrating a remarkable achievement as his latest single, ‘Dancing To A New Groove,’ grabs the #1 slot on London Music Radio’s Soul Chart Top 30. It is the first time the artist has reached #1 status in his career as a recording artist. The infectious track has captivated radio and music charts with its soulful melody and irresistible groove, solidifying Takim’s position as a rising star and one to watch in 2023. On May 25, 2023, Takim will be the guest artist on Gary Spence’s Afternoon Delight Show, on Solar Radio. Check your time zones for the live airing.

Released during April Jazz Appreciation Month, ‘Dancing To A New Groove’ began its ascension on the charts 48 hours after its distribution release. The song has received widespread acclaim from radio programmers and critics alike. The song’s success on the UK Soul Music charts is a testament to its infectious energy, relatable lyrics, and Takim’s impeccable vocals on the track. The chart-topping achievement highlights Takim’s ability to resonate with audiences and underscores his undeniable first-class soul-singing talent. Takim is a natural-born pitch-perfect singer.

Takim expresses his gratitude to his loyal fans and on-air radio personalities, whose unwavering support has catapulted him to this momentous event in his life. “I’m incredibly grateful for the love and support I have received with this project,” says Takim. “This #1 with London Music Radio’s Soul Chart is a dream come true, and I’m so happy that all of you are taking this journey with me.”

Takim debuts ‘Dancing To A New Groove’ live on a recent episode of We Luvv Rare Grooves, at The Tiny Room Studios. ‘Dancing To A New Groove’ is just a glimpse into Takim’s artistic repertoire. With his soulful voice and heartfelt songwriting, Takim continues to push boundaries and create music that resonates with a diverse audience. His unique blend of contemporary soul, R&B, and Smooth Jazz sets him apart in the music industry, making him an artist that’ll have a legacy in the coming years.

Catch up with Takim and his music by visiting his official website TAKIM.HEARNOW.COM. ‘Dancing To A New Groove’ is available on Spotify and on all major digital platforms.


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