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At One West Magazine, we love breaking new artists and their music. it’s always a pleasure to be able to hip the readers on to something that sounds beautiful and genuine. Remember how you felt when Jordin Sparks, Leon Lewis, and Corinne Bailey Rae hit the music scene? Singer/songwriter, TERRILL is our new obsession! This is what TERRILL FEELS LIKE THIS to us…

Take a moment to listen to TERRILL’s ‘FEELS LIKE THIS digital album currently streaming on Spotify. It’s evident that she’s inviting you into her world. You get a sense that this project is exceptionally personal in that it’s coming from a good place; an innocent place, whereas she’s handing you pieces of her heart. ‘FEELS LIKE THIS’ has 11 tracks taking you on TERRILL’s soul-filled vocal odyssey of love, light, and passion. A light burns bright within her as you hear her skillfully deliver each of the song’s lyrics. The reason why TERRILL’s music is creating such a buzz and excitement is because she has a pure singing style coupled with simple arrangements, real instruments, – real music. She has some star power on this album starting with legendary Composer/Producer, Preston Glass and Songwriter/Producer, Christian Belnavis. Currently, TERRILL’S newest release ‘GRAVITY’ has entered the Urban Influencer’s R&B Soul Chart.

Right now, TERRILL’s newly released single ‘GRAVITY’, track #2 (a 2x platinum John Mayer hit) is being serviced at radio stations across the country. TERRILL lays a soul-like, gospel-esque vocal on the song giving it a warm tender tone. Grammy® Award-winning and Oscar-nominated composer, Ray Parker, Jr’s distinctive guitar solo arrangements are featured within the music bed. TERRILL’s smooth vocals and soul-stirring riffs float effortlessly over Parker’s bluesy guitar work. TERRILL performed ‘GRAVITY on a recent edition of the award-winning television show We Luvv Rare Grooves. You can check out her performance below.



‘FEELS LIKE THIS’ the album, with its catchy hooks and heartfelt lyrics along with TERRILL’s soulful voice, is a tour de force that leaves listeners wanting more of her uniquely crafted sound. We encourage you to check out other songs like track #4 a remake of Teddy Pendergrass’ ‘You’re My Latest, My Greatest Inspiration. TERRILL makes this classic song her own with her angelic yet sultry voice and you’ll enjoy her in-studio video. Track #5 ‘The One’ has a charming video too; adding to the

Go To Terrill’s Website. Click on the image above.

CD’s pleasant aura. Track #7 is a special treat! Famed Country Music composer, Jacky Jack White who wrote ‘Exchange of Hearts’ is honored that she’ll be releasing his song this summer. Title track #9 ‘Feels Like This’ sums up how she wants you to feel, on this project.  Overall,  you’ll hear that all of the songs are perfectly structured compositions lyrically and beautifully arranged musically. You’ll find yourself singing along to many of the songs as you lose yourself in the feelings TERRILL conveys through her voice. Open the links that we’re sharing in this story. TERRILL puts you in a good mood. Yes TERRILL,  that ‘Hurry Up Sunday’ feeling – a sense of peace and well-being. Find her, engage with her; she is so worthy of your support.  This artist is part of the new movement bringing back great Pop/R&B.

Watch TERRILL perform her new single ‘GRAVITY’ on the award-winning television show We Luvv Rare Grooves.


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