Gino Haze Returns With Visual For “Armenian Plug”

Gino Haze‘s recently released self-titled EP is a ten-track project that will make you fall in love with music. Gino’s gritty and deep tone has something for everyone to love. On his newest EP, Gino shows off his diversity and genuine self: “My genuine sound is hoodie music, but I’ll always have a radio song or two.”

Gino just released a video for “Armenian Plug” a lyrical gem in which he speaks on his plug, making money, putting money in his cousin’s commissary, and simply having fun and cashing out. Gino slams down a series of straight bars.

Gino is hanging out with his lover at his apartment for the night, having what appears to be a tranquil night, when his “Armenian Plug” calls him. Gino then leaps into action and goes on the run, picking up a parcel before heading to the booze store to finish his goal.

When Gino saw Glendale’s Armenian plugs were breaking, the picture and track sprang to life.

“The song was inspired by my travels across the valley, when I saw that the cannabis game was on lockdown. I really wanted to pay tribute and start the record off with a bang.”

And he surely accomplishes this. Gino puts on an incredible performance, not only telling a tale but also making the tune spin like crazy. Gino’s rapping talent is shown by the incredible beat and quick cuts and flow.

Gino is working on a new EP called Since We Been Honest, which will be released this summer. So make sure to follow Gino Haze on social media. To find out when his next project will be out, follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok @GinoHaze.

Below is Gino Haze’s most recent video, “Armenian Plug.”

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