Yung Cyfa Releases His Latest Visual To His Single “1 Hunnid”

Meet North Carolina’s very own rapper, Yung Cyfa who recently just released his latest video “1 Hunnid” on YouTube. His life is far from perfect from dealing with family difficulties at a young age and moving around the state but one thing he has been perfecting, is his craft as a rapper and has been quite successful!

Read more about Yung Cyfa below and check out his latest video as well.

What inspired your artist name? And where did you get the name? I was always involved in rap cyphers, and I was a Cool Yung Fly Asiatic black man.

Where are you from (born and raised)? And where did you grow up? I was born in Salisbury NC, and raised in Charlotte, NC and spent my entire life here from the age of 6.

Why did you move to where you currently live? What lead me to move from Salisbury NC was family difficulties. 

How would you describe your sound/style? My sound is lyrical and versatile 

Do you also write, produce, and/or engineer your own music? I only write my own music. I’m not a producer or an engineer. I’m a rapper. 

Do you have any other special talents, such as acting, etc.? I’m good at editing videos, and I’m good at sex.

When did you start doing music? And when did you start taking it seriously? Be as detailed as you’d like. I started rapping at 7 years old, and I didn’t take it serious until I was 12.

When did you record your first record?

I was 14. Some guy lied about being with the Warner brothers, brought my family and I to his studio and that’s the first time I recorded it.

Why music? Describe your passion. It’s the. Best way I can express myself. It ran in the family. 

Who/what inspires your sound/music? People who speak real life shit. Meek, Durk, Yung Ro.

Who is your motivation and why? (for example, parents, siblings, etc) My kids are my motivation. They are the reason I get up everyday and go hard.

Have you collaborated or are you currently collaborating with any special artists, music producers, writers, etc.?

Yes. I have worked with Toosii 2x, Rich Dunk. Dundeal on the track

What would you like to do after music? Make more music, Smoke, have sex, repeat. 

What are some major accomplishments relating to your career?

Well, I’ve been on the radio for 4 months straight, as well as MTV, VH1 and BET.

What message do you want to leave the audience with when reading the article? When you feel like giving up, remember why you started.

What is next for you? More music. More content. Stay tuned

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