Neddie Smith Uses Adversity As Fuel In the Music Industry

When faced with adversity, most people end up folding. This is not the case for Neddie Smith who is an up and coming rap artist from the UK. The young rapper has had many trials growing up which forced him to either fold or use it as fuel for success. Neddie Smith chose the fuel route which has led to him amassing his current loyal fanbase.


Starting out, Neddie Smith was placed into foster care at a young age. Due to this, Neddie often needed an escape which is what he found in music. He found music therapeutic and often would write and freestyle for fun. This eventually led to him releasing his own music and generating a fan base.


Although Neddie Smith has the support, he still faces the current challenge of trying to get his name out there in the UK. With the hiphop market not being as big as the US, Neddie Smith has had to adapt by marketing to the US. He had landed multiple US media publications as well as gained shoutout from US fans. When mixed with his Uk supporters, Neddie Smith has a perfect mix. He is inspired by others artists who have also built international followings like Juice Wrld, Post Malone, ans Justin Beiber.


The old saying “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” really applies to Neddie Smith. He now uses his backstory to work hard and succeed as he believes he is meant to. Make sure to keep an eye on this future international icon

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