Dell G Uses His Influences To Level Up His Career In the Music Industry

Wendell Sutton AKA “Dell G” is a rap artist from Queens, New York who now is making his name known around Atlanta. At a first glance, some might assume the Queens native is your average rapper on the block. But when you dive in deeper, you’ll find out much more. 

Dell G has taken his career to the next level and it’s no fluke. When he was young, he was exposed early to instruments like Guitar and Piano through his dad. This built a special knack for musicality in Dell G and he hasn’t looked back since. An example of this natural musicality is Dell G’s latest single “4 9 Frenzy” which is a tribute to the 49ers football team. In this track Dell G shows off by switching up flows and cadences while using crazy wordplay representing the 49ers.

With this mix of bars and flow, Dell G has been gaining the attention from Atlanta, all the way to the West Coast. He has even gone on to perform at NFL events like in 2019 at the Niners vs Saints event. With these accomplishments and more to come, the music industry will be watching what Dell G does next in 2023.

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