NONshalaunt survives the death, and raps to tell his story

For those who are just finding out about NONshalaunt, are in for a ride. NONshalaunt is a creative artist from the Eastside of Compton, California who first started making music in 2014. Uniquely, NONshalaunt is also a creative in other industries as well like clothing and entrepreneurship. With these multifaceted skills, NONshalaunt has been able to separate himself from the pack when it comes to music. 


Starting out, NONshalaunt always would rap when hanging around the block. His family and friends Ty, Duda, Bubbz, and Ducey would record music regularly and invite NONshalaunt to their studio sessions. After a while, NONshalaunt would discover his talent as he would always record in the booth with them. This later gave him a head start in 2014 when he began pursuing music seriously. 


From here, many were attracted to the rappers sound as we would rap about real-life situation and accournces. In a recent interview NONshalaunt stated, “I can count past both hands how many homies I lost before 25 not including family. I’m literally the last one left that’s not dead or incarcerated for 10+ years out my squad. You can’t tell me God don’t have something big in store for me”. Using this as fuel, NONshalaunt has never looked back since. He relates to many who grew up in a similar struggle as did, inspiring them to use the opportunity that they still have. 


So far this backstory has captured the attention of thousands of loyal NONshalaunt fans. Coming up NONshalaunt has an anticipated project titled, “LOL (Last One Left” in 2023. No exact release date has been announced but many are speculating that his will be his greatest and realest release yet. 





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