I$RAEL THE VISIONARY uses circumstance to make music and inspire others

I$RAEL aka I$RAEL THE VISIONARY is a Denver based artist known for his ability to uplift people while listening to his music. With these real intentions the Denver based artist has been able to achieve the success he has so far in the music industry.


Starting out I$RAEL grew up in the SLP projects, then later moved to the Baker neighborhood. Life here was difficult for I$RAEL and was constantly surrounded by drug addiction, violence, gang activity, and more. In a recent interview when speaking on this topic, I$RAEL said, “I’m lucky to be alive”. Soon after, the young artist was eventually able to get out of the hood, giving him the focus to take his music career to the next level


Although I$RAEL made it out of the hood, never forgot where he came from. The Denver native went on to make music about his struggle which is where his nickname I$RAEL THE VISIONARY comes from. I$RAEL’s goal is to inspire and lead others who were in the same situation, showing them that they too can overcome even their biggest challenge. 





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