Top Marketing Firm Launches Pre-Save Email Notifications for Music Release Day

In true leadership fashion, top music marketing firm is ready to announce another ground-breaking addition to its toolkit with the introduction of pre-save email notifications. Now, fans who have pre-saved their favorite artists’ music will be notified on the day-of release that their pre-saved music is LIVE. A direct music link will accompany each notification to help drive streams for artists on all major partner platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, TIDAL, Soundcloud and Deezer

It’s no question that’s pre-save product has helped hundreds of thousands of artists across the globe in effectively marketing their music before it becomes available online. Building on that success, the pre-save fan notification will complete the process by pointing fans to their pre-saved product as soon as it becomes available. Think if we got a notification every time a movie came out for a trailer we had watched months prior? We would be much more likely to buy or rent that movie. Now, on release day, delivers the pre-saved content to fan’s libraries along with the email message reminding the fan to stream it on the platform they pre-saved on. seems fan communications as critical for encouraging fan action and understands the importance of driving as many streams as possible on release day. Not only does encouraging fans to listen help music for charting or playlisting, but activating your audience early grows your following, increases revenue and can make future release advertising more cost effective.

“As someone with 13 years of experience in email marketing, I’ve seen the kind of impact email has in reaching an audience and getting them to take action. This feature is a perfect example of how is helping artists not just with running a pre-save campaign, but with effectively connecting an artist with their fans.” ~ Scott Englund – Product Manager,

Every paid plan on enjoys a free amount of notifications that can be sent to fans every month. Artist and Artist Pro plans both get 50 free notifications per month while Marketer and Pro Marketer plans get 200 free notifications per month, with a rate of $0.005 per notification after that.  This feature makes for a great introduction to email marketing for artists that haven’t built out their mailing list yet. It is also a great compliment to any artist already running a mailing list. 

About Since the launch of their marketing platform in 2017, has created 3MM links and landing pages and has reached over 1B fans worldwide. The company helps artists deepen the connection with their fan bases and build sustainable careers in the music industry. With major partners like Ditto Music, Create Music Group, Secretly Group, Empire, AWAL, Epitaph/Anti-, Beggars Music Group and 300 Entertainment, they have solidified themself as the most trusted and diversified marketing company in the music industry. Making it easy for artists to connect with fans all over the world, provides best-in-class technology, driven by a team of experts who specialize in big data analytics and content discovery. Consistently proving their contribution to an astonishing amount of music being released, the company continues to lead the charge through forward-thinking music marketing. And with helping to propel millions of independent releases, they have easily solidified their space in the music industry’s current tech-driven climate. Online






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