Tennessee’s Hottest R&B Artist Tucker Nichol Closes the Door on Toxic Relationships with “Nah”

Both former Miss Tennessee USA and possibly one of the hottest R&B artists out right now, Tucker Nichol ends the year on an empowered note with the official music video to her single “Nah”. Following a whirlwind of emotions in 2022, Nichol pairs a fresh take on R&B with a raw and very real message that she hopes inspires others to leave an unhealthy relationship when boundaries are not well-respected. It’s one thing for a bridge to break, but once it becomes demolished, it’s near impossible to rebuild. Exiting a rough push and pull with a wildly toxic, non-romantic relationship, “Nah” was born out of necessity as her attempts to rectify the relationship continued to fail. She begged for this person to change as well as for a mutual relationship to help Tucker figure out how to coexist with this person. And after years of silence, she finally gathered the courage to say “Hey, this isn’t working for me…and it never really did.”

“Do I need you? (Nah), Wanna see you? (Nah), Will I believe you? Oh I know it eats you up inside // Should you call me? (Nah), Can you reach me? (Nah), Am I sorry?, Nah”

“Nah” serves as an organic continuation of her singles “Over the Edge”, “Not My Business” and “Too Close to Home”. Its upbeat and danceable nature serves as almost a celebration and a genuine pat on the back for walking away from all that this relationship put her through. Making the very difficult choice to walk away entirely, Tucker left the abuse in order to pursue a better, more balanced life. In the music video, we witness her confident and self-assured – noticeably comfortable with the decision that she’s made. Having reached her breaking point, she decided to put herself and her mental health first, leading her to a brighter and less toxic future full of promise. 

Exhibiting true bravery and self love, Tucker’s excitement for the future shines through her resentment of past situations that used to slow her down. Now, as she shifts her energy from an illustrious pageant career to a grounded and ambitious effort as a beloved recording artist, we witness her truly blossom through authentic, heart-on-your-sleeve storytelling. Not afraid to tell the truth, Tucker writes through a trauma-informed lens that is sure to resonate with fans who may have experienced a similar struggle. Tucker released her debut album “Too Close to Home” in August 2022, and the project was written alongside Mary Weitz (FLETCHER, Alina Baraz, Normani), and Adam Korbesmeyer and Jerry Lang II of cut&dry (Remi Wolf, PRETTYMUCH). The three lead singles have already garnered over 923,000 streams with placements on VEVO’s DSCVR R&B playlist, MTV Live, MTV Spankin’ New, and BET Soul. 

Watch the Official Music video here.


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