Alabama has an artist that’s making an impact and his name is MoneyFace Peso

The south has been providing great music for over 20 years and continues to produce at a high level. That consistency from the south pretty much controls the industry.  With social media coming into play, we now get to hear from artists in small towns and cities without having to be in that region. There is an artist that goes by the name MoneyFace Peso and he is really creating a huge buzz throughout the south. His hometown of Huntsville, Alabama and Moneyface Peso really has the city on lock creating smash record after smash record.
MoneyFace Peso has a very unique style and sound that really stands out from the noise. His flows are pretty crazy and he gives a new meaning to the term riding the beat. MoneyFace Peso started creating music as a way to vent to himself about things that he had trouble talking to others about. As he kept doing it, the music got better and better and now he is one of the top level artists in his area.
MoneyFace Peso recently linked up with Renni Rucci to give us the Remix to “Hell Ya” and they dropped a video with it as well. The concept behind the video is crazy and the video itself is moving , shaking and making its rounds. 13k views on YouTube.

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