Yaarb Is One Of The Faces Of Jahar GOG Clothing Line


Entertainment personality and music artist Yaarb is one of the main faces for Jahar’s Gift Of God’s clothing brand for fall 2022. Expanding his reach to high fashion this is the first of many steps for the Los Angeles native. Yaarb wants to touch all types of people and with the rising popularity off his music lately it’s the perfect time for him to turn heads in the world of fashion.

Earlier this year Yaarb touches the loves of over thousands of people with single “War Baby” and last year with project ‘Letter To The Streets’ that not only speak upon issues of the ghettos but do it in a way that receivable to worldwide success. From Apple News to Stupid Dope and Kazi Magazine along with more outlets he deifnelty has been turning heads with his fresh sound.

Set to release new music very soon Yaarb is set to take the world by storm. For now you can into his catalog to get a preview of what’s to come. He is one of one and he has potential to blow!


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