Harvey Brittain Releases “Honest” With A Clean Visual

For those who are just starting to know Harvey Brittain, he is a singer/songwriter from the UK who has recently been heating up. He released his newest single “Honest” back on June 3rd, and now has added fuel to the fire with a music video to go along with it.

“Honest” by Harvey Brittain is a 3 minute and 50 second long video that begins with a girl dropping the needle on an old school vinyl record while Harvey Brittain stares out on his cityscape balcony. Setting the mood perfectly, the young pop artist tells his story throughout the rest of the video.

This release by Harvey Brittain is an important one due to the fact that this is his first in years. Established Harvey Brittain fans know of the old release but would agree none of them compare to this. The “Honest” music video is as glossy as they come, giving it that industry standard, high budget aethstetic. Paired with a nice audio, we expect this track to pick up traction as the summer progresses

Listen to “Honest” on Youtube here:

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