Mobbin101 races against time to secure his Hip-Hop legacy

Understanding the price of time.   

In life, there is a multitude of things you can replace in the event of a loss. People lose money, fame, and friends in their pursuit of greatness. A small percentage possess the inner drive, ambition, and hustle to recoup losses and convert them into wins.   

High pain tolerance is one of the characteristics of a leader. Natural-born visionaries sacrifice at inhumane levels in life. Carrying the world’s pressure, expectation, and weight requires gargantuan shoulders. Everyone is created equal, but each person’s destination is unequal. Mobbin101 understands the value and price of maximizing his time.   

Mobbin101 pain fuels his relentless pursuit of Hip-Hop immortality.  

Mobbin101 approaches life and death unconventionally in life. Mobbin101’s childhood pain, misfortunes, street dreams, and organic leadership skillset separate him from the average person. Being born with high expectations, Mobbin101’s life story was created and engineered to empower, educate, and inspire people.  

His affinity for rap music and innate creative mastery paved the way for his future in Hip-Hop. Mobbin101 is a product of uncensored ambition infused with raw, imperfect life elements. Listening to his music through my Beats Studio headphones, I feel his passion, rage, and blueprint pulsating through my ears.   

Mobbin101’s music narrates the emotions, feelings, and beliefs of Black America. His voice allows White Americans to crossover into his world. Mobbin101 understands time never rewinds, and every 24 hours is vital to securing his legacy. 

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