Vancouver Singer-Songwriter Chloé Morgan Releases “Stars”

Vancouver, BC-based DJ/Singer-Songwriter, Chloé Morgan will be releasing her newest single, “Stars” Aug 10, 2021. The song is a shimmering, bumping EDM-meets-disco track about understanding that there is a Creator of the universe. We’ve worshipped before the stars, and still do today as God, Lord, and the Creator. Not to mention that scientists have proven that the human body is made up of elements that literally come from interstellar stardust. “Stars” begins with Chloé’s powerful voice singing acapella about the higher power that makes the “planets, and the universe align,” and quickly morphs into a grooving, and funky bass dance track. It’s a track that is perfect for those searching for meaning, and substance in EDM or those who just want to get down on the dance floor. Either way, it’s going to command the club scene.

“Stars” is a very personal track for Chloé. She wrote it seven years ago just before she hit rock bottom. The song was meant to “magnify God” and make her realize she had to do everything in her life with “power and passion.” The song is available on all streaming platforms.


Watch “Stars” on YouTube HERE.

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