Rapper BG Fast Releases New Collaboration “The Realest”

Rapper BG Fast is originally from the city of Pomona out of California. But these days the rapper is now residing in the 909 area of California. While growing up, the rapper was stuck in the day to day struggles of trying to make a meal. His mom was out working multiple jobs and going to school so she could further her education. And his dad worked 9-5’s but wasn’t always contributing to his mom’s house. This would cause BG to have to learn how to maintain himself while his mom was working. He was exposed to a lot of harsh realities as a young kid due to his environment. In the mornings on his way to school, BG would wonder about the women he saw working the street corners. And he would always listen to his mom as she would explain her version of their work to him. It’s these kinds of experiences and memories that help to influence BG Fast and the music he’s creating.

His music reflects the things he saw growing up, as well as the things he sees happening around him today. And some of his biggest musical inspirations have been rappers such as Lil Wayne and Tupac because of their unique flows. BG has always been just as inspired by music as he is inspired to create his own music. For as long as he can remember, the young rapper was spending his free time creating songs in his head. He even used to write songs while waiting for his mom in the car while she was grocery shopping. And BG was also battling other rappers at his high school in between his classes. But there was a period of time when the up and coming rapper was getting himself into some trouble.

It was around the time he was 18, moved out on his own and had to start paying his own rent and bills. Eventually it would lead to the rapper having to spend 3 years of his life incarcerated. After he was done serving his time, BG Fast would find himself sleeping at a local studio. It was during this time that he started taking his music more seriously and kicked off his career. And as an independent rap artist, BG is learning what it takes to make it in the music industry. Two things he’s learned is that you have to be willing to go all in and put a lot of financial backing into your own music career.

BG Fast is always in the studio working on creating new music. In fact, the rapper is currently working on new music and getting ready to release his next EP. He plans on having the project complete and releasing it before the Christmas holidays this year. BG will be spending the next five years focusing on his music career and taking it to the next level. His goal is to have a more recognizable status and to leave his own mark in the hip hop community. He also plans on launching his own film production career aside from doing music. Within the next 10 years, BG Fast plans on mastering both the music and film business. And since he’s already a published author and survived the California Justice System, his path to success shouldn’t be missed. So make sure you’re following the young up and coming emcee on his musical journey.

Watch the official music video for “The Realest” HERE.

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