Lenny Kravitz Returns With Cinematic Music Video For “Raise Vibration”

Lenny Kravitz

Returning right on time with a much-needed message of hope, Lenny Kravitz unveils the music video for “Raise Vibration.”

Surrounded by natural splendor, the video intercuts footage of Kravitz rising from the ocean, singing atop a cliff, and ripping on a Gibson Les Paul as waves crash, water splashes, and the sun sets. A fire rages as tribal drums resound for the grand finale. It culminates with the message, “We can join together and through love we’ll get it done. We’ve got to raise vibration.”

About the video, Kravitz commented,

“This song is very special to me. It’s all about hope, banding together, and remaining fearless in the pursuit of your passion and purpose. Mark and I hold this message close to heart. We wanted to celebrate the beauty of the Bahamas in the video and try to capture the spirit of inspiration synonymous with the islands. It’s something I want to share once I get back on the road.”

Kravitz has hunkered down in the Bahamas since the onset of the Global Pandemic. However, he continues to draw inspiration from his surroundings, penning his New York Times best-selling memoir Let Love Rule with David Ritz and recording music that we should expect very soon.

Stay tuned for more from Lenny Kravitz soon. For now, it’s time to “Raise Vibration.” Watch the video below.

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